class astropy.modeling.optimizers.SLSQP[source]

Bases: astropy.modeling.optimizers.Optimization

Sequential Least Squares Programming optimization algorithm.

The algorithm is described in [R599c1be38e36-1]. It supports tied and fixed parameters, as well as bounded constraints. Uses scipy.optimize.fmin_slsqp.



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Methods Summary

__call__(self, objfunc, initval, fargs, …) Run the solver.

Attributes Documentation

supported_constraints = ['bounds', 'eqcons', 'ineqcons', 'fixed', 'tied']

Methods Documentation

__call__(self, objfunc, initval, fargs, **kwargs)[source]

Run the solver.

objfunc : callable

objection function

initval : iterable

initial guess for the parameter values

fargs : tuple

other arguments to be passed to the statistic function

kwargs : dict

other keyword arguments to be passed to the solver