astropy.utils.misc.find_api_page(obj, version=None, openinbrowser=True, timeout=None)[source]

Determines the URL of the API page for the specified object, and optionally open that page in a web browser.


You must be connected to the internet for this to function even if openinbrowser is False, unless you provide a local version of the documentation to version (e.g., file:///path/to/docs).


The object to open the docs for or its fully-qualified name (as a str).

version : str

The doc version - either a version number like ‘0.1’, ‘dev’ for the development/latest docs, or a URL to point to a specific location that should be the base of the documentation. Defaults to latest if you are on aren’t on a release, otherwise, the version you are on.

openinbrowser : bool

If True, the webbrowser package will be used to open the doc page in a new web browser window.

timeout : number, optional

The number of seconds to wait before timing-out the query to the astropy documentation. If not given, the default python stdlib timeout will be used.

url : str

The loaded URL


If the documentation can’t be found