class astropy.utils.console.Spinner(msg, color='default', file=None, step=1, chars=None)[source]#

Bases: object

A class to display a spinner in the terminal.

It is designed to be used with the with statement:

with Spinner("Reticulating splines", "green") as s:
    for item in enumerate(items):

The message to print

colorstr, optional

An ANSI terminal color name. Must be one of: black, red, green, brown, blue, magenta, cyan, lightgrey, default, darkgrey, lightred, lightgreen, yellow, lightblue, lightmagenta, lightcyan, white.

filefile-like (writeable), optional

The file to write the spinner to. Defaults to sys.stdout. If file is not a tty (as determined by calling its isatty member, if any, or special case hacks to detect the IPython console), the spinner will be completely silent.

stepint, optional

Only update the spinner every step steps

charsstr, optional

The character sequence to use for the spinner

Methods Summary


Update the spin wheel in the terminal.

Methods Documentation


Update the spin wheel in the terminal.

valueint, optional

Ignored (present just for compatibility with ProgressBar.update).