class astropy.utils.console.Spinner(msg, color='default', file=None, step=1, chars=None)[source]

Bases: object

A class to display a spinner in the terminal.

It is designed to be used with the with statement:

with Spinner("Reticulating splines", "green") as s:
    for item in enumerate(items):
msg : str

The message to print

color : str, optional

An ANSI terminal color name. Must be one of: black, red, green, brown, blue, magenta, cyan, lightgrey, default, darkgrey, lightred, lightgreen, yellow, lightblue, lightmagenta, lightcyan, white.

file : writeable file-like object, optional

The file to write the spinner to. Defaults to sys.stdout. If file is not a tty (as determined by calling its isatty member, if any, or special case hacks to detect the IPython console), the spinner will be completely silent.

step : int, optional

Only update the spinner every step steps

chars : str, optional

The character sequence to use for the spinner