get_pkg_data_filenames#, package=None, pattern='*')[source]#

Returns the path of all of the data files in a given directory that match a given glob pattern.


Name/location of the desired data files. One of the following:

  • The name of a directory included in the source distribution. The path is relative to the module calling this function. For example, if calling from astropy.pkname, use 'data' to get the files in astropy/pkgname/data.

  • Remote URLs are not currently supported.

packagestr, optional

If specified, look for a file relative to the given package, rather than the default of looking relative to the calling module’s package.

patternstr, optional

A UNIX-style filename glob pattern to match files. See the glob module in the standard library for more information. By default, matches all files.

filenamesiterator of str

Paths on the local filesystem in datadir matching pattern.


This will retrieve the contents of the data file for the astropy.wcs tests:

>>> from import get_pkg_data_filenames
>>> for fn in get_pkg_data_filenames('data/maps', 'astropy.wcs.tests',
...                                  '*.hdr'):
...     with open(fn) as f:
...         fcontents =