astropy.utils.codegen.make_function_with_signature(func, args=(), kwargs={}, varargs=None, varkwargs=None, name=None)[source]#

Make a new function from an existing function but with the desired signature.

The desired signature must of course be compatible with the arguments actually accepted by the input function.

The args are strings that should be the names of the positional arguments. kwargs can map names of keyword arguments to their default values. It may be either a dict or a list of (keyword, default) tuples.

If varargs is a string it is added to the positional arguments as *<varargs>. Likewise varkwargs can be the name for a variable keyword argument placeholder like **<varkwargs>.

If not specified the name of the new function is taken from the original function. Otherwise, the name argument can be used to specify a new name.

Note, the names may only be valid Python variable names.