astropy.utils.data.export_download_cache(filename_or_obj, urls=None, overwrite=False, pkgname='astropy')[source]

Exports the cache contents as a ZIP file.

filename_or_obj : str or file-like

Where to put the created ZIP file. Must be something the zipfile module can write to.

urls : iterable of str or None

The URLs to include in the exported cache. The default is all URLs currently in the cache. If a URL is included in this list but is not currently in the cache, a KeyError will be raised. To ensure that all are in the cache use download_file or download_files_in_parallel.

overwrite : bool, optional

If filename_or_obj is a filename that exists, it will only be overwritten if this is True.

pkgname : str, optional

The package name to use to locate the download cache. i.e. for pkgname='astropy' the default cache location is ~/.astropy/cache.

See also

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