astropy.utils.introspection.minversion(module, version, inclusive=True, version_path='__version__')[source]

Returns True if the specified Python module satisfies a minimum version requirement, and False if not.

module : module or str

An imported module of which to check the version, or the name of that module (in which case an import of that module is attempted– if this fails False is returned).

version : str

The version as a string that this module must have at a minimum (e.g. '0.12').

inclusive : bool

The specified version meets the requirement inclusively (i.e. >=) as opposed to strictly greater than (default: True).

version_path : str

A dotted attribute path to follow in the module for the version. Defaults to just '__version__', which should work for most Python modules.


>>> import astropy
>>> minversion(astropy, '0.4.4')