astropy.visualization.make_lupton_rgb(image_r, image_g, image_b, minimum=0, stretch=5, Q=8, filename=None)[source]

Return a Red/Green/Blue color image from up to 3 images using an asinh stretch. The input images can be int or float, and in any range or bit-depth.

For a more detailed look at the use of this method, see the document Creating color RGB images.

image_r : ndarray

Image to map to red.

image_g : ndarray

Image to map to green.

image_b : ndarray

Image to map to blue.

minimum : float

Intensity that should be mapped to black (a scalar or array for R, G, B).

stretch : float

The linear stretch of the image.

Q : float

The asinh softening parameter.

filename: str

Write the resulting RGB image to a file (file type determined from extension).

rgb : ndarray

RGB (integer, 8-bits per channel) color image as an NxNx3 numpy array.