astropy.visualization.imshow_norm(data, ax=None, imshow_only_kwargs={}, **kwargs)[source]

A convenience function to call matplotlib’s matplotlib.pyplot.imshow function, using an ImageNormalize object as the normalization.

data : 2D or 3D array-like - see imshow

The data to show. Can be whatever imshow and ImageNormalize both accept.

ax : None or Axes

If None, use pyplot’s imshow. Otherwise, calls imshow method of the supplied axes.

imshow_only_kwargs : dict

Arguments to be passed directly to imshow without first trying ImageNormalize. This is only for keywords that have the same name in both ImageNormalize and imshow - if you want to set the imshow keywords only, supply them in this dictionary.

All other keyword arguments are parsed first by the `ImageNormalize`
initializer, then to`~matplotlib.pyplot.imshow`.


The norm matplotlib keyword is not supported.