2D Models#

These models take as input x and y arrays.


These models perform simple mathematical operations.

  • Const2D model returns the constant replicated by the number of input x and y values.


These models provide shapes, often used to model general x, y, z data.

  • Planar2D model computes a tilted plan with specified x,y slopes and z intercept


These models provide profiles, often used sources in images. All models have parameters giving the x,y location of the center and an amplitude.

  • AiryDisk2D model computes the Airy function for a radius

  • Box2D model computes a box with x,y dimensions

  • Disk2D model computes a disk a radius

  • Ellipse2D model computes an ellipse with major and minor axis and rotation angle

  • Gaussian2D model computes a Gaussian with x,y standard deviations and rotation angle

  • Moffat2D model computes a Moffat with x,y dimensions and alpha (power index) and gamma (core width)

  • RickerWavelet2D model computes a symmetric RickerWavelet function with the specified sigma

  • Sersic2D model computes a Sersic profile with an effective half-light radius, rotation, and Sersic index

  • GeneralSersic2D model computes a generalized Sersic profile with an effective half-light radius, rotation, Sersic index, and a parameter to control the shape of the isophotes (e.g., boxy or disky)

  • TrapezoidDisk2D model computes a disk with a radius and slope

  • Ring2D model computes a ring with inner and outer radii

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