class astropy.modeling.fitting.LevMarLSQFitter(calc_uncertainties=False)[source]

Bases: astropy.modeling.fitting._NonLinearLSQFitter

Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm and least squares statistic.


If the covarience matrix should be computed and set in the fit_info. Default: False


The fit_info dictionary contains the values returned by scipy.optimize.leastsq for the most recent fit, including the values from the infodict dictionary it returns. See the scipy.optimize.leastsq documentation for details on the meaning of these values. Note that the x return value is not included (as it is instead the parameter values of the returned model). Additionally, one additional element of fit_info is computed whenever a model is fit, with the key ‘param_cov’. The corresponding value is the covariance matrix of the parameters as a 2D numpy array. The order of the matrix elements matches the order of the parameters in the fitted model (i.e., the same order as model.param_names).


The scipy.optimize.leastsq result for the most recent fit (see notes).