astropy.convolution Package#


convolve(array, kernel[, boundary, ...])

Convolve an array with a kernel.

convolve_fft(array, kernel[, boundary, ...])

Convolve an ndarray with an nd-kernel.

convolve_models(model, kernel[, mode])

Convolve two models using convolve_fft.

convolve_models_fft(model, kernel, ...[, cache])

Convolve two models using convolve_fft.

discretize_model(model, x_range[, y_range, ...])

Evaluate an analytical model function on a pixel grid.

interpolate_replace_nans(array, kernel[, ...])

Given a data set containing NaNs, replace the NaNs by interpolating from neighboring data points with a given kernel.

kernel_arithmetics(kernel, value, operation)

Add, subtract or multiply two kernels.


AiryDisk2DKernel(radius, **kwargs)

2D Airy disk kernel.

Box1DKernel(width, **kwargs)

1D Box filter kernel.

Box2DKernel(width, **kwargs)

2D Box filter kernel.


Create filter kernel from list or array.

Gaussian1DKernel(stddev, **kwargs)

1D Gaussian filter kernel.

Gaussian2DKernel(x_stddev[, y_stddev, theta])

2D Gaussian filter kernel.


Convolution kernel base class.

Kernel1D([model, x_size, array])

Base class for 1D filter kernels.

Kernel2D([model, x_size, y_size, array])

Base class for 2D filter kernels.


Called when doing invalid arithmetic with a kernel.


Base error class for kernel errors.


Called when size of kernels is even.

Model1DKernel(model, **kwargs)

Create kernel from 1D model.

Model2DKernel(model, **kwargs)

Create kernel from 2D model.

Moffat2DKernel(gamma, alpha, **kwargs)

2D Moffat kernel.

RickerWavelet1DKernel(width, **kwargs)

1D Ricker wavelet filter kernel (sometimes known as a "Mexican Hat" kernel).

RickerWavelet2DKernel(width, **kwargs)

2D Ricker wavelet filter kernel (sometimes known as a "Mexican Hat" kernel).

Ring2DKernel(radius_in, width, **kwargs)

2D Ring filter kernel.

Tophat2DKernel(radius, **kwargs)

2D Tophat filter kernel.

Trapezoid1DKernel(width[, slope])

1D trapezoid kernel.

TrapezoidDisk2DKernel(radius[, slope])

2D trapezoid kernel.