class astropy.convolution.Trapezoid1DKernel(width, slope=1.0, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: astropy.convolution.Kernel1D

1D trapezoid kernel.

width : number

Width of the filter kernel, defined as the width of the constant part, before it begins to slope down.

slope : number

Slope of the filter kernel’s tails

mode : str, optional
One of the following discretization modes:
  • ‘center’ (default)
    Discretize model by taking the value at the center of the bin.
  • ‘linear_interp’
    Discretize model by linearly interpolating between the values at the corners of the bin.
  • ‘oversample’
    Discretize model by taking the average on an oversampled grid.
  • ‘integrate’
    Discretize model by integrating the model over the bin.
factor : number, optional

Factor of oversampling. Default factor = 10.


Kernel response:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from astropy.convolution import Trapezoid1DKernel
trapezoid_1D_kernel = Trapezoid1DKernel(17, slope=0.2)
plt.plot(trapezoid_1D_kernel, drawstyle='steps')
plt.xlabel('x [pixels]')
plt.xlim(-1, 28)

(png, svg, pdf)