astropy.stats.calculate_bin_edges(a, bins=10, range=None, weights=None)[source]#

Calculate histogram bin edges like numpy.histogram_bin_edges.


Input data. The bin edges are calculated over the flattened array.

binsint, list, or str, optional

If bins is an int, it is the number of bins. If it is a list it is taken to be the bin edges. If it is a string, it must be one of ‘blocks’, ‘knuth’, ‘scott’ or ‘freedman’. See histogram for a description of each method.

rangetuple or None, optional

The minimum and maximum range for the histogram. If not specified, it will be (a.min(), a.max()). However, if bins is a list it is returned unmodified regardless of the range argument.

weightsarray_like, optional

An array the same shape as a. If given, the histogram accumulates the value of the weight corresponding to a instead of returning the count of values. This argument does not affect determination of bin edges, though they may be used in the future as new methods are added.