astropy.timeseries Package#

This subpackage contains classes and functions for work with time series.


aggregate_downsample(time_series, *[, ...])

Downsample a time series by binning values into bins with a fixed size or custom sizes, using a single function to combine the values in the bin.


This is a decorator that ensures that the table contains specific methods indicated by the _required_columns attribute.


BasePeriodogram(t, y[, dy])

BaseTimeSeries([data, masked, names, dtype, ...])

BinnedTimeSeries([data, time_bin_start, ...])

A class to represent binned time series data in tabular form.

BoxLeastSquares(t, y[, dy])

Compute the box least squares periodogram.


The results of a BoxLeastSquares search.

LombScargle(t, y[, dy, fit_mean, ...])

Compute the Lomb-Scargle Periodogram.

LombScargleMultiband(t, y, bands[, dy, ...])

Compute the Lomb-Scargle Periodogram.

TimeSeries([data, time, time_start, ...])

A class to represent time series data in tabular form.

Class Inheritance Diagram#

Inheritance diagram of astropy.timeseries.periodograms.base.BasePeriodogram, astropy.timeseries.core.BaseTimeSeries, astropy.timeseries.binned.BinnedTimeSeries, astropy.timeseries.periodograms.bls.core.BoxLeastSquares, astropy.timeseries.periodograms.bls.core.BoxLeastSquaresResults, astropy.timeseries.periodograms.lombscargle.core.LombScargle, astropy.timeseries.periodograms.lombscargle_multiband.core.LombScargleMultiband, astropy.timeseries.sampled.TimeSeries Package#


kepler_fits_reader(filename[, unit_parse_strict])

This serves as the FITS reader for KEPLER or TESS files within astropy-timeseries.