astropy.utils.data.export_download_cache(filename_or_obj, urls=None, overwrite=False, pkgname='astropy')[source]#

Exports the cache contents as a ZIP file.

filename_or_objstr or file-like object

Where to put the created ZIP file. Must be something the zipfile module can write to.

urlsiterable of str or None

The URLs to include in the exported cache. The default is all URLs currently in the cache. If a URL is included in this list but is not currently in the cache, a KeyError will be raised. To ensure that all are in the cache use download_file or download_files_in_parallel.

overwritebool, optional

If filename_or_obj is a filename that exists, it will only be overwritten if this is True.

pkgnamestr, optional

The package name to use to locate the download cache. i.e. for pkgname='astropy' the default cache location is ~/.astropy/cache.

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