astropy.utils.introspection.resolve_name(name: str, *additional_parts: str) object[source]#

Resolve a name like module.object to an object and return it.

This ends up working like from module import object but is easier to deal with than the __import__ builtin and supports digging into submodules.


A dotted path to a Python object–that is, the name of a function, class, or other object in a module with the full path to that module, including parent modules, separated by dots. Also known as the fully qualified name of the object.

additional_partsiterable, optional

If more than one positional arguments are given, those arguments are automatically dotted together with name.


If the module or named object is not found.


>>> resolve_name('astropy.utils.introspection.resolve_name')
<function resolve_name at 0x...>
>>> resolve_name('astropy', 'utils', 'introspection', 'resolve_name')
<function resolve_name at 0x...>