make_validation_report, destdir='', multiprocess=True, stilts=None)[source]

Validates a large collection of web-accessible VOTable files.

Generates a report as a directory tree of HTML files.

urlslist of str, optional

If provided, is a list of HTTP urls to download VOTable files from. If not provided, a built-in set of ~22,000 urls compiled by HEASARC will be used.

destdirpath-like object, optional

The directory to write the report to. By default, this is a directory called 'results' in the current directory. If the directory does not exist, it will be created.

multiprocessbool, optional

If True (default), perform validations in parallel using all of the cores on this machine.

stiltspath-like object, optional

To perform validation with votlint from the the Java-based STILTS VOTable parser, in addition to, set this to the path of the 'stilts.jar' file. java on the system shell path will be used to run it.


Downloads of each given URL will be performed only once and cached locally in destdir. To refresh the cache, remove destdir first.