validate#, output=<_io.TextIOWrapper name='<stdout>' mode='w' encoding='utf-8'>, xmllint=False, filename=None)[source]#

Prints a validation report for the given file.

sourcepath-like object or file-like object

Path to a VOTABLE xml file or Path object having Path to a VOTABLE xml file. If file-like object, must be readable.

outputfile-like object, optional

Where to output the report. Defaults to sys.stdout. If None, the output will be returned as a string. Must be writable.

xmllintbool, optional

When True, also send the file to xmllint for schema and DTD validation. Requires that xmllint is installed. The default is False. source must be a file on the local filesystem in order for xmllint to work.

filenamestr, optional

A filename to use in the error messages. If not provided, one will be automatically determined from source.

is_validbool or str

Returns True if no warnings were found. If output is None, the return value will be a string.