get_writer, fast_writer=True, **kwargs)[source]

Initialize a table writer allowing for common customizations. Most of the default behavior for various parameters is determined by the Writer class.

Writer : Writer

Writer class (DEPRECATED). Defaults to Basic.

delimiter : str

Column delimiter string

comment : str

String defining a comment line in table

quotechar : str

One-character string to quote fields containing special characters

formats : dict

Dictionary of format specifiers or formatting functions

strip_whitespace : bool

Strip surrounding whitespace from column values.

names : list

List of names corresponding to each data column

include_names : list

List of names to include in output.

exclude_names : list

List of names to exclude from output (applied after include_names)

fast_writer : bool

Whether to use the fast Cython writer.

writer : BaseReader subclass

ASCII format writer instance