astropy.config.get_config(packageormod=None, reload=False, rootname=None)[source]#

Gets the configuration object or section associated with a particular package or module.

packageormodstr or None

The package for which to retrieve the configuration object. If a string, it must be a valid package name, or if None, the package from which this function is called will be used.

reloadbool, optional

Reload the file, even if we have it cached.

rootnamestr or None

Name of the root configuration directory. If None and packageormod is None, this defaults to be the name of the package from which this function is called. If None and packageormod is not None, this defaults to astropy.

cfgobjconfigobj.ConfigObj or configobj.Section

If the requested package is a base package, this will be the configobj.ConfigObj for that package, or if it is a subpackage or module, it will return the relevant configobj.Section object.


If packageormod is None, but the package this item is created from cannot be determined.