Overlaying coordinate systems

For the example in the following page we start from the example introduced in Initializing axes with world coordinates.

The coordinates shown by default in a plot will be those derived from the WCS or transformation passed to the WCSAxes class. However, it is possible to overlay different coordinate systems using the get_coords_overlay() method:

overlay = ax.get_coords_overlay('fk5')

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The object returned is a CoordinatesMap, the same type of object as ax.coord. It can therefore be used in the same way as ax.coord to set the ticks, tick labels, and axis labels properties:


ax.coords['glon'].set_axislabel('Galactic Longitude')
ax.coords['glat'].set_axislabel('Galactic Latitude')

ax.coords.grid(color='yellow', linestyle='solid', alpha=0.5)


overlay['ra'].set_axislabel('Right Ascension')

overlay.grid(color='white', linestyle='solid', alpha=0.5)

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