class, ID=None, name=None, value=None, datatype=None, arraysize=None, ucd=None, unit=None, width=None, precision=None, utype=None, type=None, id=None, config=None, pos=None, **extra)[source]#

Bases: Field

PARAM element: constant-valued columns in the data.

Param objects are a subclass of Field, and have all of its methods and members. Additionally, it defines value.

Attributes Summary


[required] The constant value of the parameter.

Methods Summary

to_xml(w, **kwargs)

For internal use.

Attributes Documentation


[required] The constant value of the parameter. Its type is determined by the datatype member.

Methods Documentation

to_xml(w, **kwargs)[source]#

For internal use. Output the element to XML.

wastropy.utils.xml.writer.XMLWriter object

An XML writer to write to.


Any configuration parameters to control the output.