astropy.io.misc.hdf5.write_table_hdf5(table, output, path=None, compression=False, append=False, overwrite=False, serialize_meta=False)[source]

Write a Table object to an HDF5 file

This requires h5py to be installed.

table : Table

Data table that is to be written to file.

output : str or File or Group

If a string, the filename to write the table to. If an h5py object, either the file or the group object to write the table to.

path : str

The path to which to write the table inside the HDF5 file. This should be relative to the input file or group. If not specified, defaults to __astropy_table__.

compression : bool or str or int

Whether to compress the table inside the HDF5 file. If set to True, 'gzip' compression is used. If a string is specified, it should be one of 'gzip', 'szip', or 'lzf'. If an integer is specified (in the range 0-9), 'gzip' compression is used, and the integer denotes the compression level.

append : bool

Whether to append the table to an existing HDF5 file.

overwrite : bool

Whether to overwrite any existing file without warning. If append=True and overwrite=True then only the dataset will be replaced; the file/group will not be overwritten.