astropy.table Package#


hstack(tables[, join_type, uniq_col_name, ...])

Stack tables along columns (horizontally).

join(left, right[, keys, join_type, ...])

Perform a join of the left table with the right table on specified keys.

represent_mixins_as_columns(tbl[, ...])

Represent input Table tbl using only Column or MaskedColumn objects.

setdiff(table1, table2[, keys])

Take a set difference of table rows.

unique(input_table[, keys, silent, keep])

Returns the unique rows of a table.

vstack(tables[, join_type, metadata_conflicts])

Stack tables vertically (along rows).

dstack(tables[, join_type, metadata_conflicts])

Stack columns within tables depth-wise.

join_skycoord(distance[, distance_func])

Helper function to join on SkyCoord columns using distance matching.

join_distance(distance[, kdtree_args, ...])

Helper function to join table columns using distance matching.


BST(data, row_index[, unique])

A basic binary search tree in pure Python, used as an engine for indexing.

Column([data, name, dtype, shape, length, ...])

Define a data column for use in a Table object.

ColumnGroups(parent_column[, indices, keys])


Container for meta information like name, description, format.


Configuration parameters for astropy.table.

JSViewer([use_local_files, display_length])

Provides an interactive HTML export of a Table.

MaskedColumn([data, name, mask, fill_value, ...])

Define a masked data column for use in a Table object.

NdarrayMixin(obj, *args, **kwargs)

Mixin column class to allow storage of arbitrary numpy ndarrays within a Table.

QTable([data, masked, names, dtype, meta, ...])

A class to represent tables of heterogeneous data.

Row(table, index)

A class to represent one row of a Table object.

SCEngine(data, row_index[, unique])

Fast tree-based implementation for indexing, using the sortedcontainers package.


Subclass of dict used to serialize mixin columns.

SortedArray(data, row_index[, unique])

Implements a sorted array container using a list of numpy arrays.


Warning class for when a string column is assigned a value that gets truncated because the base (numpy) string length is too short.

Table([data, masked, names, dtype, meta, ...])

A class to represent tables of heterogeneous data.


Descriptor to define a custom attribute for a Table subclass.


OrderedDict subclass for a set of columns.


TableGroups(parent_table[, indices, keys])



Warning class for cases when a table column is replaced via the Table.__setitem__ syntax e.g. t['a'] = val.


Maintain tuple that controls table column visibility for print output.

Class Inheritance Diagram#

Inheritance diagram of astropy.table.bst.BST, astropy.table.column.Column, astropy.table.groups.ColumnGroups, astropy.table.column.ColumnInfo, astropy.table.Conf, astropy.table.jsviewer.JSViewer, astropy.table.column.MaskedColumn, astropy.table.ndarray_mixin.NdarrayMixin, astropy.table.table.QTable, astropy.table.row.Row, astropy.table.soco.SCEngine, astropy.table.serialize.SerializedColumn, astropy.table.sorted_array.SortedArray, astropy.table.column.StringTruncateWarning, astropy.table.table.Table, astropy.table.table.TableAttribute, astropy.table.table.TableColumns, astropy.table.pprint.TableFormatter, astropy.table.groups.TableGroups, astropy.table.np_utils.TableMergeError, astropy.table.table.TableReplaceWarning, astropy.table.table.PprintIncludeExclude