class astropy.table.QTable(data=None, masked=False, names=None, dtype=None, meta=None, copy=True, rows=None, copy_indices=True, units=None, descriptions=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: Table

A class to represent tables of heterogeneous data.

QTable provides a class for heterogeneous tabular data which can be easily modified, for instance adding columns or new rows.

The QTable class is identical to Table except that columns with an associated unit attribute are converted to Quantity objects.

For more information see:

datanumpy ndarray, dict, list, astropy:table-like object, optional

Data to initialize table.

maskedbool, optional

Specify whether the table is masked.

nameslist, optional

Specify column names.

dtypelist, optional

Specify column data types.

metadict, optional

Metadata associated with the table.

copybool, optional

Copy the input data. If the input is a (Q)Table the meta is always copied regardless of the copy parameter. Default is True.

rowsnumpy ndarray, list of list, optional

Row-oriented data for table instead of data argument.

copy_indicesbool, optional

Copy any indices in the input data. Default is True.

unitslist, dict, optional

List or dict of units to apply to columns.

descriptionslist, dict, optional

List or dict of descriptions to apply to columns.

**kwargsdict, optional

Additional keyword args when converting table-like object.