class, col_ends=None, delimiter_pad=' ', bookend=True)[source]#

Bases: FixedWidth

Fixed width table which has no header line.

When reading, column names are either input (names keyword) or auto-generated. Column positions are determined either by input (col_starts and col_stops keywords) or by splitting the first data line. In the latter case a delimiter is required to split the data line.


# Bar delimiter in header and data

|  1.2  | hello there |     3 |
|  2.4  | many words  |     7 |

# Compact table having no delimiter and column positions specified as input

1.2hello there3
2.4many words 7

This class is just a convenience wrapper around the FixedWidth reader but with header_start=None and data_start=0.

See the Fixed-Width Gallery for specific usage examples.