astropy.coordinates.spherical_to_cartesian(r, lat, lon)[source]

Converts spherical polar coordinates to rectangular cartesian coordinates.

Note that the input angles should be in latitude/longitude or elevation/azimuthal form. I.e., the origin is along the equator rather than at the north pole.


This is a low-level function used internally in astropy.coordinates. It is provided for users if they really want to use it, but it is recommended that you use the astropy.coordinates coordinate systems.

rscalar, array_like, or Quantity

The radial coordinate (in the same units as the inputs).

latscalar, array_like, or Quantity [:ref: ‘angle’]

The latitude (in radians if array or scalar)

lonscalar, array_like, or Quantity [:ref: ‘angle’]

The longitude (in radians if array or scalar)

xfloat or array

The first cartesian coordinate.

yfloat or array

The second cartesian coordinate.

zfloat or array

The third cartesian coordinate.