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Unified I/O Registry.


register_reader(data_format, data_class, ...)

Register a reader function.

register_writer(data_format, data_class, ...)

Register a table writer function.

register_identifier(data_format, data_class, ...)

Associate an identifier function with a specific data type.

unregister_reader(data_format, data_class)

Unregister a reader function.

unregister_writer(data_format, data_class)

Unregister a writer function.

unregister_identifier(data_format, data_class)

Unregister an identifier function.

get_reader(data_format, data_class)

Get reader for data_format.

get_writer(data_format, data_class)

Get writer for data_format.

get_formats([data_class, readwrite])

Get the list of registered I/O formats as a Table.

read(cls, *args[, format, cache])

Read in data.

write(data, *args[, format])

Write out data.

identify_format(origin, data_class_required, ...)

Loop through identifiers to see which formats match.


Contextmanager to disable documentation updates when registering reader and writer.



Unified I/O Registry.


Read-only Unified Registry.


Write-only Registry.

UnifiedReadWriteMethod([fget, fset, fdel, doc])

Descriptor class for creating read() and write() methods in unified I/O.

UnifiedReadWrite(instance, cls, method_name)

Base class for the worker object used in unified read() or write() methods.


Custom error for registry clashes.

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