astropy.wcs.find_all_wcs(header, relax=True, keysel=None, fix=True, translate_units='', _do_set=True)[source]#

Find all the WCS transformations in the given header.

headerstr or Header object.
relaxbool or int, optional

Degree of permissiveness:

  • True (default): Admit all recognized informal extensions of the WCS standard.

  • False: Recognize only FITS keywords defined by the published WCS standard.

  • int: a bit field selecting specific extensions to accept. See Header-reading relaxation constants for details.

keyselsequence of str, optional

A list of flags used to select the keyword types considered by wcslib. When None, only the standard image header keywords are considered (and the underlying wcspih() C function is called). To use binary table image array or pixel list keywords, keysel must be set.

Each element in the list should be one of the following strings:

  • ‘image’: Image header keywords

  • ‘binary’: Binary table image array keywords

  • ‘pixel’: Pixel list keywords

Keywords such as EQUIna or RFRQna that are common to binary table image arrays and pixel lists (including WCSNna and TWCSna) are selected by both ‘binary’ and ‘pixel’.

fixbool, optional

When True (default), call fix on the resulting objects to fix any non-standard uses in the header. FITSFixedWarning warnings will be emitted if any changes were made.

translate_unitsstr, optional

Specify which potentially unsafe translations of non-standard unit strings to perform. By default, performs none. See WCS.fix for more information about this parameter. Only effective when fix is True.

wcseslist of WCS