astropy.io.misc.fnunpickle(fileorname, number=0)[source]

Unpickle pickled objects from a specified file and return the contents.

fileornamestr or file-like object

The file name or file from which to unpickle objects. If a file object, it should have been opened in binary mode.


If 0, a single object will be returned (the first in the file). If >0, this specifies the number of objects to be unpickled, and a list will be returned with exactly that many objects. If <0, all objects in the file will be unpickled and returned as a list.

contentsobject or list

If number is 0, this is a individual object - the first one unpickled from the file. Otherwise, it is a list of objects unpickled from the file.


If number is >0 and there are fewer than number objects in the pickled file.