Source code for astropy.utils.collections

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst
A module containing specialized collection classes.

[docs] class HomogeneousList(list): """ A subclass of list that contains only elements of a given type or types. If an item that is not of the specified type is added to the list, a `TypeError` is raised. """ def __init__(self, types, values=[]): """ Parameters ---------- types : sequence of types The types to accept. values : sequence, optional An initial set of values. """ self._types = types super().__init__() self.extend(values) def _assert(self, x): if not isinstance(x, self._types): raise TypeError( f"homogeneous list must contain only objects of type '{self._types}'" ) def __iadd__(self, other): self.extend(other) return self def __setitem__(self, idx, value): if isinstance(idx, slice): value = list(value) for item in value: self._assert(item) else: self._assert(value) return super().__setitem__(idx, value)
[docs] def append(self, x): self._assert(x) return super().append(x)
[docs] def insert(self, i, x): self._assert(x) return super().insert(i, x)
[docs] def extend(self, x): for item in x: self._assert(item) super().append(item)