Source code for astropy.units.format

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst

A collection of different unit formats.

# This is pretty atrocious, but it will prevent a circular import for those
# formatters that need access to the units.core module An entry for it should
# exist in sys.modules since astropy.units.core imports this module
import sys

core = sys.modules['astropy.units.core']

from .base import Base  # noqa
from .cds import CDS  # noqa
from .console import Console  # noqa
from .fits import Fits  # noqa
from .generic import Generic, Unscaled  # noqa
from .latex import Latex, LatexInline  # noqa
from .ogip import OGIP  # noqa
from .unicode_format import Unicode  # noqa
from .vounit import VOUnit  # noqa

__all__ = [
    'Base', 'Generic', 'CDS', 'Console', 'Fits', 'Latex', 'LatexInline',
    'OGIP', 'Unicode', 'Unscaled', 'VOUnit', 'get_format']

def _known_formats():
    inout = [name for name, cls in Base.registry.items()
             if cls.parse.__func__ is not Base.parse.__func__]
    out_only = [name for name, cls in Base.registry.items()
                if cls.parse.__func__ is Base.parse.__func__]
    return (f"Valid formatter names are: {inout} for input and output, "
            f"and {out_only} for output only.")

[docs]def get_format(format=None): """ Get a formatter by name. Parameters ---------- format : str or `astropy.units.format.Base` instance or subclass The name of the format, or the format instance or subclass itself. Returns ------- format : `astropy.units.format.Base` instance The requested formatter. """ if format is None: return Generic if isinstance(format, type) and issubclass(format, Base): return format elif not (isinstance(format, str) or format is None): raise TypeError( f"Formatter must a subclass or instance of a subclass of {Base!r} " f"or a string giving the name of the formatter. {_known_formats()}.") format_lower = format.lower() if format_lower in Base.registry: return Base.registry[format_lower] raise ValueError(f"Unknown format {format!r}. {_known_formats()}")