Source code for astropy.table.ndarray_mixin

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst

import numpy as np

from astropy.utils.data_info import ParentDtypeInfo

class NdarrayMixinInfo(ParentDtypeInfo):
    _represent_as_dict_primary_data = "data"

    def _represent_as_dict(self):
        """Represent Column as a dict that can be serialized."""
        col = self._parent
        out = {"data": col.view(np.ndarray)}
        return out

    def _construct_from_dict(self, map):
        """Construct Column from ``map``."""
        data = map.pop("data")
        out = self._parent_cls(data, **map)
        return out

[docs] class NdarrayMixin(np.ndarray): """ Mixin column class to allow storage of arbitrary numpy ndarrays within a Table. This is a subclass of numpy.ndarray and has the same initialization options as ``np.array()``. """ info = NdarrayMixinInfo() def __new__(cls, obj, *args, **kwargs): self = np.array(obj, *args, **kwargs).view(cls) if "info" in getattr(obj, "__dict__", ()): = return self def __array_finalize__(self, obj): if obj is None: return if callable(super().__array_finalize__): super().__array_finalize__(obj) # Self was created from template (e.g. obj[slice] or (obj * 2)) # or viewcast e.g. obj.view(Column). In either case we want to # init Column attributes for self from obj if possible. if "info" in getattr(obj, "__dict__", ()): = def __reduce__(self): # patch to pickle NdArrayMixin objects (ndarray subclasses), see # object_state = list(super().__reduce__()) object_state[2] = (object_state[2], self.__dict__) return tuple(object_state) def __setstate__(self, state): # patch to unpickle NdarrayMixin objects (ndarray subclasses), see # nd_state, own_state = state super().__setstate__(nd_state) self.__dict__.update(own_state)