class astropy.units.function.DexUnit(physical_unit=None, function_unit=None)[source]

Bases: astropy.units.function.logarithmic.LogUnit

Logarithmic physical units expressed in magnitudes

physical_unitUnit or string

Unit that is encapsulated within the magnitude function unit. If not given, dimensionless.

function_unitUnit or string

By default, this is dex, but this allows one to use an equivalent unit such as 0.5 dex.

Methods Summary


Output the unit in the given format as a string.

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Output the unit in the given format as a string.

The physical unit is appended, within parentheses, to the function unit, as in “dB(mW)”, with both units set using the given format

formatastropy.units.format.Base instance or str

The name of a format or a formatter object. If not provided, defaults to the generic format.