Source code for astropy.table

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst

import astropy.config as _config
from astropy.utils.compat import optional_deps

from .column import Column, ColumnInfo, MaskedColumn, StringTruncateWarning

__all__ = [

[docs] class Conf(_config.ConfigNamespace): """ Configuration parameters for `astropy.table`. """ auto_colname = _config.ConfigItem( "col{0}", "The template that determines the name of a column if it cannot be " "determined. Uses new-style (format method) string formatting.", aliases=["astropy.table.column.auto_colname"], ) default_notebook_table_class = _config.ConfigItem( "table-striped table-bordered table-condensed", "The table class to be used in Jupyter notebooks when displaying " "tables (and not overridden). See < " "for a list of useful bootstrap classes.", ) replace_warnings = _config.ConfigItem( [], "List of conditions for issuing a warning when replacing a table " "column using setitem, e.g. t['a'] = value. Allowed options are " "'always', 'slice', 'refcount', 'attributes'.", "string_list", ) replace_inplace = _config.ConfigItem( False, "Always use in-place update of a table column when using setitem, " "e.g. t['a'] = value. This overrides the default behavior of " "replacing the column entirely with the new value when possible. " "This configuration option will be deprecated and then removed in " "subsequent major releases.", )
conf = Conf() # Finally import the formats for the read and write method but delay building # the documentation until all are loaded. (#5275) from import registry from . import connect from .bst import BST from .groups import ColumnGroups, TableGroups from .operations import ( TableMergeError, dstack, hstack, join, join_distance, join_skycoord, setdiff, unique, vstack, ) from .serialize import SerializedColumn, represent_mixins_as_columns from .soco import SCEngine from .sorted_array import SortedArray from .table import ( NdarrayMixin, PprintIncludeExclude, QTable, Row, Table, TableAttribute, TableColumns, TableFormatter, TableReplaceWarning, ) with registry.delay_doc_updates(Table): # Import routines that connect readers/writers to astropy.table import import import import import from .jsviewer import JSViewer if optional_deps.HAS_ASDF_ASTROPY: import