Source code for astropy.table

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst

from astropy import config as _config

[docs]class Conf(_config.ConfigNamespace): """ Configuration parameters for `astropy.table`. """ auto_colname = _config.ConfigItem( 'col{0}', 'The template that determines the name of a column if it cannot be ' 'determined. Uses new-style (format method) string formatting.', aliases=['astropy.table.column.auto_colname']) default_notebook_table_class = _config.ConfigItem( 'table-striped table-bordered table-condensed', 'The table class to be used in Jupyter notebooks when displaying ' 'tables (and not overridden). See < ' 'for a list of useful bootstrap classes.') replace_warnings = _config.ConfigItem( [], 'List of conditions for issuing a warning when replacing a table ' "column using setitem, e.g. t['a'] = value. Allowed options are " "'always', 'slice', 'refcount', 'attributes'.", 'list', ) replace_inplace = _config.ConfigItem( False, 'Always use in-place update of a table column when using setitem, ' "e.g. t['a'] = value. This overrides the default behavior of " "replacing the column entirely with the new value when possible. " "This configuration option will be deprecated and then removed in " "subsequent major releases." )
conf = Conf() from .column import Column, MaskedColumn, StringTruncateWarning, ColumnInfo from .groups import TableGroups, ColumnGroups from .table import (Table, QTable, TableColumns, Row, TableFormatter, NdarrayMixin, TableReplaceWarning) from .operations import join, setdiff, hstack, dstack, vstack, unique, TableMergeError from .bst import BST, FastBST, FastRBT from .sorted_array import SortedArray from .soco import SCEngine from .serialize import SerializedColumn, represent_mixins_as_columns # Finally import the formats for the read and write method but delay building # the documentation until all are loaded. (#5275) from import registry with registry.delay_doc_updates(Table): # Import routines that connect readers/writers to astropy.table from .jsviewer import JSViewer from import connect from import connect from import connect from import connect from import connect from import connect