Source code for astropy.coordinates.errors

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst

"""This module defines custom errors and exceptions used in astropy.coordinates.

__all__ = ["ConvertError", "UnknownSiteException"]

# TODO: consider if this should be used to `units`?
class UnitsError(ValueError):
    Raised if units are missing or invalid.

[docs] class ConvertError(Exception): """ Raised if a coordinate system cannot be converted to another. """
[docs] class UnknownSiteException(KeyError): def __init__(self, site, attribute, close_names=None): message = ( f"Site '{site}' not in database. Use {attribute} to see available sites." f" If '{site}' exists in the online astropy-data repository, use the" " 'refresh_cache=True' option to download the latest version." ) if close_names: message += " Did you mean one of: '{}'?'".format("', '".join(close_names)) = site self.attribute = attribute self.close_names = close_names return super().__init__(message)