Source code for astropy.coordinates.builtin_frames.icrs

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst

from astropy.coordinates.baseframe import base_doc
from astropy.utils.decorators import format_doc

from .baseradec import BaseRADecFrame, doc_components

__all__ = ["ICRS"]

[docs] @format_doc(base_doc, components=doc_components, footer="") class ICRS(BaseRADecFrame): """ A coordinate or frame in the ICRS system. If you're looking for "J2000" coordinates, and aren't sure if you want to use this or `~astropy.coordinates.FK5`, you probably want to use ICRS. It's more well-defined as a catalog coordinate and is an inertial system, and is very close (within tens of milliarcseconds) to J2000 equatorial. For more background on the ICRS and related coordinate transformations, see the references provided in the :ref:`astropy:astropy-coordinates-seealso` section of the documentation. """