Source code for astropy.coordinates.builtin_frames.hcrs

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst

from astropy.coordinates.attributes import TimeAttribute
from astropy.coordinates.baseframe import base_doc
from astropy.utils.decorators import format_doc

from .baseradec import BaseRADecFrame, doc_components
from .utils import DEFAULT_OBSTIME

__all__ = ["HCRS"]

doc_footer = """
    Other parameters
    obstime : `~astropy.time.Time`
        The time at which the observation is taken.  Used for determining the
        position of the Sun.

[docs] @format_doc(base_doc, components=doc_components, footer=doc_footer) class HCRS(BaseRADecFrame): """ A coordinate or frame in a Heliocentric system, with axes aligned to ICRS. The ICRS has an origin at the Barycenter and axes which are fixed with respect to space. This coordinate system is distinct from ICRS mainly in that it is relative to the Sun's center-of-mass rather than the solar system Barycenter. In principle, therefore, this frame should include the effects of aberration (unlike ICRS), but this is not done, since they are very small, of the order of 8 milli-arcseconds. For more background on the ICRS and related coordinate transformations, see the references provided in the :ref:`astropy:astropy-coordinates-seealso` section of the documentation. The frame attributes are listed under **Other Parameters**. """ obstime = TimeAttribute( default=DEFAULT_OBSTIME, doc="The reference time (e.g., time of observation)" )
# Transformations are defined in