Source code for astropy.coordinates.builtin_frames.cirs

# Licensed under a 3-clause BSD style license - see LICENSE.rst

from astropy.coordinates.attributes import EarthLocationAttribute, TimeAttribute
from astropy.coordinates.baseframe import base_doc
from astropy.utils.decorators import format_doc

from .baseradec import BaseRADecFrame, doc_components

__all__ = ["CIRS"]

doc_footer = """
    Other parameters
    obstime : `~astropy.time.Time`
        The time at which the observation is taken.  Used for determining the
        position of the Earth and its precession.
    location : `~astropy.coordinates.EarthLocation`
        The location on the Earth.  This can be specified either as an
        `~astropy.coordinates.EarthLocation` object or as anything that can be
        transformed to an `~astropy.coordinates.ITRS` frame. The default is the
        centre of the Earth.

[docs] @format_doc(base_doc, components=doc_components, footer=doc_footer) class CIRS(BaseRADecFrame): """ A coordinate or frame in the Celestial Intermediate Reference System (CIRS). The frame attributes are listed under **Other Parameters**. """ obstime = TimeAttribute( default=DEFAULT_OBSTIME, doc="The reference time (e.g., time of observation" ) location = EarthLocationAttribute( default=EARTH_CENTER, doc="The location on Earth of the observer" )
# The "self-transform" is defined in, because in # the current implementation it goes through ICRS (like GCRS)