class astropy.vo.client.conesearch.AsyncSearchAll(*args, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Bases: astropy.vo.client.async.AsyncBase

Perform a Cone Search asynchronously, storing all results instead of just the result from first successful query.


See AsyncBase for more details.

Parameters:args, kwargs : see search_all()


>>> from astropy import coordinates as coord
>>> from astropy import units as u
>>> c = coord.ICRS(6.0223 *, -72.0814 *
>>> async_searchall = conesearch.AsyncSearchAll(c, 0.5 *

Check search status:

>>> async_search.running()
>>> async_search.done()

Get a dictionary of all search results after a 30-second wait (not to be confused with that governs individual Cone Search queries). If search is still not done after 30 seconds, TimeoutError is raised. Otherwise, a dictionary is returned and can be manipulated as in Simple Cone Search Examples. If no timeout keyword given, it waits until completion:

>>> async_allresults = async_search.get(timeout=30)
>>> all_catalogs = list(async_allresults)
>>> first_cone_arr = async_allresults[all_catalogs[0]]
>>> first_cone_arr.size