Configuration Transition

This document describes the changes in the configuration system in astropy 0.4 and how to update code in order to use it.

For Users

The Config File

If you have not edited the configuration file in ~/.astropy/config/astropy.cfg, there is nothing for you to do. The first time you import astropy 0.4, it will automatically be replaced with the configuration file template for astropy 0.4.

If you have edited the configuration file, it will be left untouched. However, the template for astropy 0.4 will be installed as ~/.astropy/config/astropy.0.4.cfg. You can manually compare your changes to this file to determine what customizations should be brought over.


Saving configuration items from Python has been completely removed. Instead, the configuration file must be edited directly.


The location of the configuration parameters have been simplified, so they always appear in a high-level sub-package of astropy, rather than in low-level file names (which were really an implementation detail that should not have been exposed to the user). On the Python side, configuration items always are referenced through a conf object at the root of a sub-package.

Some configuration items that affect the results of science calculations have been removed as configuration parameters altogether and converted to science state objects that must be changed from Python code.

The following table lists all of the moves (in alphabetical order by original configuration file location). The old names will continue to work both from Python and the configuration file for the astropy 0.4 release cycle, and will be removed altogether in astropy 0.5.

Renamed configuration parameters
Old config file location Old Python location New config file location New Python location
[] unicode_output UNICODE_OUTPUT unchanged conf.unicode_output
[coordinates.name_resolve] name_resolve_timeout coordinates.name_resolve.NAME_RESOLVE_TIMEOUT [] remote_timeout
[coordinates.name_resolve] sesame_url coordinates.name_resolve.SESAME_URL removed coordinates.name_resolve.sesame_url.get/set
[coordinates.name_resolve] sesame_database coordinates.name_resolve.SESAME_DATABASE removed coordinates.name_resolve.sesame_database.get/set
[cosmology.core] default_cosmology cosmology.core.DEFAULT_COSMOLOGY removed cosmology.default_cosmology.get/set
[io.fits] enable_record_valued_keyword_cards io.fits.ENABLE_RECORD_VALUED_KEYWORD_CARDS unchanged io.fits.conf.enable_record_valued_keyword_cards
[io.fits] extension_name_case_sensitive io.fits.EXTENSION_NAME_CASE_SENSITIVE unchanged io.fits.conf.extension_name_case_sensitive
[io.fits] strip_header_whitespace io.fits.STRIP_HEADER_WHITESPACE unchanged io.fits.conf.strip_header_whitespace
[io.fits] use_memmap io.fits.USE_MEMMAP unchanged io.fits.conf.use_memmap
[io.votable.table] pedantic io.votable.table.PEDANTIC [io.votable] pedantic io.votable.conf.pedantic
[logger] log_exceptions logger.LOG_EXCEPTIONS unchanged logger.conf.log_exceptions
[logger] log_file_format logger.LOG_FILE_FORMAT unchanged logger.conf.log_file_format
[logger] log_file_level logger.LOG_FILE_LEVEL unchanged logger.conf.log_file_level
[logger] log_file_path logger.LOG_FILE_PATH unchanged logger.conf.log_file_path
[logger] log_level logger.LOG_LEVEL unchanged logger.conf.log_level
[logger] log_to_file logger.LOG_TO_FILE unchanged logger.conf.log_to_file
[logger] log_warnings logger.LOG_WARNINGS unchanged logger.conf.log_warnings
[logger] use_color logger.USE_COLOR [] use_color conf.use_color
[nddata.nddata] warn_unsupported_correlated nddata.nddata.WARN_UNSUPPORTED_CORRELATED [nddata] warn_unsupported_correlated nddata.conf.warn_unsupported_correlated
[table.column] auto_colname table.column.AUTO_COLNAME [table] auto_colname table.conf.auto_colname
[table.jsviewer] jquery_url table.jsviewer.JQUERY_URL unchanged table.jsviewer.conf.jquery_url
[table.jsviewer] datatables_url table.jsviewer.DATATABLES_URL unchanged table.jsviewer.conf.datatables_url
[table.pprint] max_lines table.pprint.MAX_LINES [] max_lines conf.max_lines
[table.pprint] max_width table.pprint.MAX_WIDTH [] max_width conf.max_width
[utils.console] use_color utils.console.USE_COLOR [] use_color conf.use_color
[] compute_hash_block_size unchanged
[] dataurl unchanged
[] delete_temporary_downloads_at_exit unchanged
[] download_cache_block_size unchanged
[] download_cache_lock_attempts unchanged
[] remote_timeout unchanged
[vo.client.conesearch] conesearch_dbname vo.client.conesearch.CONESEARCH_DBNAME [vo] conesearch_dbname vo.conf.conesearch_dbname
[vo.client.vos_catalog] vos_baseurl vo.client.vos_catalog.BASEURL [vo] vos_baseurl vo.conf.vos_baseurl
[vo.samp.utils] use_internet vo.samp.utils.ALLOW_INTERNET [vo.samp] use_internet vo.samp.conf.use_internet
[vo.validator.validate] cs_mstr_list vo.validator.validate.CS_MSTR_LIST [vo.validator] conesearch_master_list vo.validator.conf.conesearch_master_list
[vo.validator.validate] cs_urls vo.validator.validate.CS_URLS [vo.validator] conesearch_urls vo.validator.conf.conesearch_urls
[vo.validator.validate] noncrit_warnings vo.validator.validate.noncrit_warnings [vo.validator] noncritical_warnings vo.validator.conf.noncritical_warnings

For Affiliated Package Authors

For an affiliated package to support both astropy 0.3 and 0.4, following the astropy 0.3 config instructions should continue to work. Note that saving of configuration items has been removed entirely from astropy 0.4 without a deprecation cycle, so if saving configuration programmatically is important to your package, you may want to consider another method to save that state.

However, by the release of astropy 0.5, the astropy 0.3 config API will no longer work. The following describes how to transition an affiliated package written for astropy 0.3 to support astropy 0.4 and later. It will not be possible to support astropy 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 simultaneously. Below pkgname is the name of your affiliated package.

The automatic generation of configuration files from the ConfigurationItem objects that it finds has been removed. Instead, the project should include a hard-coded “template” configuration file in pkgname/pkgname.cfg. By convention, and to ease upgrades for end users, all of the values should be commented out. For example:


## Whether to issue a warning if NDData arithmetic is performed with
## uncertainties and the uncertainties do not support the propagation of
## correlated uncertainties.
# warn_unsupported_correlated = True

Affiliated packages should transition to using astropy.config.ConfigItem objects as members of astropy.config.ConfigNamespace subclasses.

For example, the following is an example of the astropy 0.3 and earlier method to define configuration items:

from astropy.config import ConfigurationItem

    'enabled_record_valued_keyword_cards', True,
    'If True, enable support for record-valued keywords as described by '
    'the FITS WCS distortion paper. Otherwise they are treated as normal '

    'extension_name_case_sensitive', False,
    'If True, extension names (i.e. the EXTNAME keyword) should be '
   'treated as case-sensitive.')

The above, converted to the new method, looks like:

from astropy import config as _config

class Conf(_config.ConfigNamespace):
    Configuration parameters for ``.

    enable_record_valued_keyword_cards = _config.ConfigItem(
        'If True, enable support for record-valued keywords as described by '
        'the FITS WCS distortion paper. Otherwise they are treated as normal '

    extension_name_case_sensitive = _config.ConfigItem(
        'If True, extension names (i.e. the ``EXTNAME`` keyword) should be '
        'treated as case-sensitive.')
conf = Conf()

Moving/Renaming Configuration Items in Python

ConfigAlias objects can be used when a configuration item has been moved from an astropy 0.3-style ConfigurationItem to an astropy 0.4-style ConfigItem inside of a ConfigNamespace.

In the above example, the following adds backward-compatible hooks so the old Python locations of the configuration items will continue to work from user code:


Moving/Renaming Configuration Items in the Config File

If a configuration item is moved or renamed within the configuration file, the aliases kwarg to ConfigItem can be used so that the old location will continue to be used as a fallback. For example, if the old location of an item was:

sesame_url =

You might want to drop the fact that this is implemented in the module name_resolve and just store the configuration in coordinates:

sesame_url =

When defining the ConfigItem for this entry, the aliases kwarg can list the old location(s) of the configuration item:

sesame_url = _config.ConfigItem(