get_pkg_data_filenames, package=None, pattern='*')[source]

Returns the path of all of the data files in a given directory that match a given glob pattern.

datadir : str

Name/location of the desired data files. One of the following:

  • The name of a directory included in the source distribution. The path is relative to the module calling this function. For example, if calling from astropy.pkname, use 'data' to get the files in astropy/pkgname/data.
  • Remote URLs are not currently supported.
package : str, optional

If specified, look for a file relative to the given package, rather than the default of looking relative to the calling module’s package.

pattern : str, optional

A UNIX-style filename glob pattern to match files. See the glob module in the standard library for more information. By default, matches all files.

filenames : iterator of str

Paths on the local filesystem in datadir matching pattern.


This will retrieve the contents of the data file for the astropy.wcs tests:

>>> from import get_pkg_data_filenames
>>> for fn in get_pkg_data_filenames('maps', 'astropy.wcs.tests',
...                                  '*.hdr'):
...     with open(fn) as f:
...         fcontents =