class astropy.samp.WebProfileDialog[source] [edit on github]

Bases: object

A base class to make writing Web Profile GUI consent dialogs easier.

The concrete class must:

  1. Poll handle_queue periodically, using the timer services of the GUI’s event loop. This function will call self.show_dialog when a request requires authorization. self.show_dialog will be given the arguments:

    • samp_name: The name of the application making the request.
    • details: A dictionary of details about the client making the request.
    • client: A hostname, port pair containing the client address.
    • origin: A string containing the origin of the request.
  2. Call consent or reject based on the user’s response to the dialog.

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Methods Documentation

consent()[source] [edit on github]
handle_queue()[source] [edit on github]
reject()[source] [edit on github]