class astropy.cosmology.default_cosmology[source] [edit on github]

Bases: astropy.utils.state.ScienceState

The default cosmology to use. To change it:

>>> from astropy.cosmology import default_cosmology, WMAP7
>>> with default_cosmology.set(WMAP7):
...     # WMAP7 cosmology in effect

Or, you may use a string:

>>> with default_cosmology.set('WMAP7'):
...     # WMAP7 cosmology in effect

Methods Summary

get_cosmology_from_string(arg) Return a cosmology instance from a string.

Methods Documentation

static get_cosmology_from_string(arg)[source] [edit on github]

Return a cosmology instance from a string.

classmethod validate(value)[source] [edit on github]