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astropy.vo.client.conesearch.conesearch(center, radius, verb=1, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Perform Cone Search and returns the result of the first successful query.


center : SkyCoord, BaseCoordinateFrame, or sequence of length 2

Position of the center of the cone to search. It may be specified as an object from the Astronomical Coordinate Systems (astropy.coordinates) package, or as a length 2 sequence. If a sequence, it is assumed to be (RA, DEC) in the ICRS coordinate frame, given in decimal degrees.

radius : float or Quantity

Radius of the cone to search:

  • If float is given, it is assumed to be in decimal degrees.
  • If astropy quantity is given, it is internally converted to degrees.

verb : {1, 2, 3}

Verbosity indicating how many columns are to be returned in the resulting table. Support for this parameter by a Cone Search service implementation is optional. If the service supports the parameter:

  1. Return the bare minimum number of columns that the provider considers useful in describing the returned objects.
  2. Return a medium number of columns between the minimum and maximum (inclusive) that are considered by the provider to most typically useful to the user.
  3. Return all of the columns that are available for describing the objects.

If not supported, the service should ignore the parameter and always return the same columns for every request.


May be one of the following, in order from easiest to use to most control:

pedantic : bool or None

When True, raise an error when the file violates the spec, otherwise issue a warning. Warnings may be controlled using warnings module. When not provided, uses the configuration setting, which defaults to False.

verbose : bool

Verbose output.

cache : bool

Use caching for VO Service database. Access to actual VO websites referenced by the database still needs internet connection.


obj :

First table from first successful VO service request.



When invalid inputs are passed into Cone Search.


If VO service request fails.