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astropy.coordinates.get_icrs_coordinates(name)[source] [edit on github]

Retrieve an ICRS object by using an online name resolving service to retrieve coordinates for the specified name. By default, this will search all available databases until a match is found. If you would like to specify the database, use the science state astropy.coordinates.name_resolve.sesame_database. You can also specify a list of servers to use for querying Sesame using the science state astropy.coordinates.name_resolve.sesame_url. This will try each one in order until a valid response is returned. By default, this list includes the main Sesame host and a mirror at vizier. The configuration item controls the number of seconds to wait for a response from the server before giving up.


name : str

The name of the object to get coordinates for, e.g. 'M42'.


coord : astropy.coordinates.ICRS object

The object’s coordinates in the ICRS frame.

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