astropy.wcs.utils.pixel_to_skycoord(xp, yp, wcs, origin=0, mode='all', cls=None)[source]

Convert a set of pixel coordinates into a SkyCoord coordinate.

xp, yp : float or numpy.ndarray

The coordinates to convert.

wcs : WCS

The WCS transformation to use.

origin : int

Whether to return 0 or 1-based pixel coordinates.

mode : ‘all’ or ‘wcs’

Whether to do the transformation including distortions ('all') or only including only the core WCS transformation ('wcs').

cls : class or None

The class of object to create. Should be a SkyCoord subclass. If None, defaults to SkyCoord.

coords : Whatever cls is (a subclass of SkyCoord)

The celestial coordinates