astropy.coordinates.get_constellation(coord, short_name=False, constellation_list='iau')[source]

Determines the constellation(s) a given coordinate object contains.

coord : coordinate object

The object to determine the constellation of.

short_name : bool

If True, the returned names are the IAU-sanctioned abbreviated names. Otherwise, full names for the constellations are used.

constellation_list : str

The set of constellations to use. Currently only 'iau' is supported, meaning the 88 “modern” constellations endorsed by the IAU.

constellation : str or string array

If coords contains a scalar coordinate, returns the name of the constellation. If it is an array coordinate object, it returns an array of names.


To determine which constellation a point on the sky is in, this precesses to B1875, and then uses the Delporte boundaries of the 88 modern constellations, as tabulated by Roman 1987.